SoundTraxx Strives to Stay on the Right Track After 25 Years in the Model Railroad Electronics Industry

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Since 1989, SoundTraxx has been the foremost leader in model railroad electronics. Specializing in realistic, programmable sound and lighting systems for model railroads, SoundTraxx has earned a reputation as the “ones to watch”. Early on, their lighting system, the Hyperlight, was the first to use a microprocessor. SoundTraxx racked up other industry ‘firsts’ including the first to offer a wireless sound and throttle system, the first to provide their customers with “playable” train whistles, and the first to introduce a multi-train surround sound system.

After 25 years in business, SoundTraxx continues to innovate the model railroad industry and, despite growing competition, has recently moved into a new, larger facility in Durango, CO in order to meet their expanding manufacturing and product development needs. The new facility is reminiscent of an advanced circuit board manufacturing layout more so than what one would expect to see for model railroad systems production. The challenges of adapting to a new facility, coupled with myriad internal and external obstacles, has positioned SoundTraxx in such a way that it is imperative they develop a strong strategy, sound processes, robust leadership, and new product ideas.

Looking toward the future, several important factors have recently transpired that may help put SoundTraxx back on the “right track”. First, after taking a hiatus from the company for a couple of years, co-founder Steven Dominguez has returned to SoundTraxx with a new vision for improving communication, organization, work flow, and the overall culture and commitment levels amongst the management and employees. Second, when SoundTraxx moved into the new, larger manufacturing facility in December 2015, Manufacturer’s Edge was there to aid in the facility layout planning process to ensure product flowed in the most efficient manner possible. In addition, Manufacturer’s Edge provided training on Lean Product Development to help with the launch of some new product innovations. The change in facilities has provided them with the perfect opportunity to implement those strategies.

Moving forward, Manufacturer’s Edge will continue to help implement the new strategy Steven has outlined in order to continue improving their organization, efficiency, and workflow. Manufacturer’s Edge is excited to work closely with the SoundTraxx team as they continue to push themselves to reach higher and to inject new innovative ideas and technology into the world of model railroads.

We are excited to be working with Manufacturer’s Edge! Their programs and experience provide us with knowledge and tools to help us stay competitive as we face the challenges ahead.

Steven Dominguez, Soundtraxx Co-founder & CEO