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Monthly subscription for legal services through 3i Law

Manufacturer’s Edge, in an exciting collaboration with 3i Law, is proud to introduce a cutting-edge subscription-based legal services offering that promises to revolutionize the way manufacturers navigate the complex legal landscape. This innovative partnership leverages Manufacturer’s Edge’s deep industry expertise and 3i Law’s legal prowess to deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective solution tailored to the unique needs of manufacturers.

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Four documents per year are included and subscribers will also receive a 20% discount on additional documents.

Documents can include:

  • Initial Action by the Board of Directors
  • Bylaws / Operating Agreement
  • Resolutions
  • Minutes
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Termination Agreement
  • Promissory and Security Agreement
  • Board Resolution
  • Election Consent Form
  • Cap Table / Stock Ledger
  • Basic Vendor Agreement
  • Statement of Work
  • Amendment
  • Affidavit
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement / Non-Compete
  • Settlement and Release of Claims Agreement
  • Employment Agreement / Offer Letter
  • Independent Contractor Services Agreement
  • Assignment Agreement
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Lease Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there options other than this package?

Yes: 3i Law is a full-service law firm equipped to handle all of your legal needs, in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

This package was custom-designed in collaboration with Manufacturer’s Edge to meet the needs of many small and medium manufacturing companies across Colorado, but we recognize every business is unique and we offer custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific legal needs and goals.

What is the 3i Law x Manufacturer’s Edge Legal Package?

The 3i Law x Manufacturer’s Edge Legal Package is an annual general counsel engagement specifically designed to provide small and medium manufacturing companies in Colorado with predictable, cost-effective legal support. We are with you every step of the way.

By partnering throughout the year, we’re able to get ahead of legal issues before they arise and develop efficient solutions to meet client’s goals. When unexpected challenges do occur, the client has a legal team that is already engaged, deeply familiar with their business, and prepared to promptly address these issues, leading to reduced fees and costs.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Before engaging, you will meet with a 3i Law attorney for an initial consultation to (1) identify any immediate legal needs and (2) to understand your business concerns and goals. We will identify areas of concern and opportunity and determine whether this is a right fit for your company.

How does the engagement work?

After the initial consultation, each client kicks off with a global check-in, and a strategy session with your 3i Law legal team to meet with the key stakeholders and decision-makers involved in your business. We will first address any immediate priorities and then develop a roadmap that aligns with your company’s broader mission.

From there, think of us as an extension of your business, a dedicated legal team here to answer any questions and tackle unexpected challenges. Connect with us throughout the month for one-off questions, contract review, and strategic growth support. No more surprise bills for quick phone calls or emails – ongoing consultation is included in the package. From business and corporate issues to growth strategies and everything in between, we are here for you.

What if I need more?

Exclusively for 3i Law x Manufacturer’s Edge Package clients: Receive a 20% discount on legal fees for work outside of the package parameters*

This package is a sampling of 3i Law’s capabilities; we are a full-service law firm equipped to handle all of your legal needs. Our experienced legal team will work with you to create a custom engagement to meet your specific needs and goals.

*Discounted rates on additional legal services are reserved for clients engaged in an annual subscription package.

What is a Global Check-In?

The bi-annual global check-in is a deep dive into your business. We conduct a thorough assessment to flag immediate concerns and future opportunities, and work with your leadership team to develop a roadmap that aligns with your company’s mission and growth.

What is the monthly consultation time? What does that include?

Monthly consultation time is limited to 2 hours per month and is considered any interaction with the attorney, whether concerning a contract, document, or other legal matter.

For example, many clients choose to arrange a standing monthly meeting for 1 hour and allocate the second hour for one-off questions or consultation on legal documents throughout the month.

What is the monthly contract review and research and analysis, and what does it include?

Clients receive up to 1 hour per month for contract review and additional legal research.

Who will the 3i Law legal team work with at my company?

The 3i Law legal team will work with company leadership and any relevant employees directed by the leadership team. This may include the business owner and executives, board of directors, management teams, or other departments as determined by the company’s leadership.

Who do we contact?

For initial inquiries, please fill out the form below and a representative from 3i Law will be in touch with you promptly.

Clients will be assigned a dedicated legal team to work with your company. All members of your legal team are here to help.

Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you!
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