No-Cost Supplier Scouting

Manufacturer's Edge's offers a supplier scouting service to help manufacturers connect to the customers or suppliers you need across the country

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Supplier Scouting

Manufacturer’s Edge is here to help you with every aspect of your Supplier Scouting needs. The first step is to set up your company profile on the Sustainment platform and take advantage of their robust mapping and sourcing capabilities that have led to numerous meaningful connections for manufacturers in the state of Colorado and across the country.

Moving beyond the Sustainment platform, Manufacturer’s Edge and the MEP National Network also offer two additional services. One is for those looking for new suppliers and one is for companies interested in becoming a supplier.

Do you need to source key parts?

Find a Supplier

As the MEP Center for Colorado, Manufacturer’s Edge is able to offer Colorado manufacturers supplier scouting services at no cost. Supplier Scouting leverages the MEP National Network’s extensive relationships to identify manufacturers across the U.S. who can meet supply chain needs of commercial entities and government agencies. To engage with the Network’s Supplier Scouting service, a company or government agency needs to have a clear and concise description of the item(s) being sought, as well as detailed information about the supply opportunity’s business case.

We are here to help you find local and domestic suppliers. Simply fill out the form below to answer some questions about your requirements, and we will post your opportunity nationwide, all free of charge to you.

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Be a Supplier

Below are some of the opportunities currently available for bid through the National MEP “Supplier Scouting” program.

Current opportunities include:

  • Opportunity 2024-169: Pyranometers and Pyrgeometers, submitted by National Oceanic Atmosphere (NOAA), closes July 18
  • Opportunity 2024-168: Battery Cells, submitted by Impact Washington (Washington MEP), closes July 28
  • Opportunity 2024-167: Wax Emulsion Draw Lubricant with Natural Carnauba or Replacement Product, submitted by Massachusetts MEP, closes July 24
  • Opportunity 2024-166: Heated Bicycle Grips, submitted Alaska MEP, closes Aug. 2
  • Opportunity 2024-165: Additive Manufacturing (3D printed) Parts, submitted by Impact Washington, closes July 28
  • Opportunity 2024-164: Micro-respiration Reading System, submitted NOAA, closes July 27
  • Opportunity 2024-163: Wheelchair Brake, submitted by Idaho TechHelp (Idaho MEP), closes July 27
  • Opportunity 2024-162: Tooling Services – Plastic Injection Molds, submitted by Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC, Montana MEP), closes July 17
  • Opportunity 2024-161: 5KVA Transformer, submitted by MMEC, closes July 10
  • Opportunity 2024-160: Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensor Fabrication on a Flexible Needle, submitted by MEP of Louisiana, closes Aug. 10
  • Opportunity 2024-159: Manure Biochar, submitted by Arizona Commerce Authority (Arizona MEP), closes July 21
  • Opportunity 2024-158: Thyme Oil, submitted by GENEDGE Alliance (Virginia MEP), closes Aug. 30
  • Opportunity 2024-157: Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), submitted by GENEDGE, closes Aug. 30
  • Opportunity 2024-156: Potassium Phosphate Monobasic, submitted by GENEDGE, closes Aug. 30
  • Opportunity 2024-155: Glycerol, submitted by GENEDGE, closes Aug. 30
  • Opportunity 2024-154: Citric Acid Anhydrous, submitted by GENEDGE, closes Aug. 30
  • Opportunity 2024-153: Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic Crystals, submitted by GENEDGE, closes Aug. 30
  • Opportunity 2024-152: Ammonium Hydroxide Solution, 28-30%, submitted by GENEDGE, closes Aug. 30
  • Opportunity 2024-149: Materials Testing Temperature Control Chamber, submitted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), closes July 18
  • Opportunity 2024-148: Autoclave Sterilizer System, submitted by EPA, closes July 18
  • Opportunity 2024-147: Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole Saw for Porcelain, submitted by Maine MEP, closes July 18
  • Opportunity 2024-124: Solar Panel, submitted by Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance (Oklahoma MEP), closes July 28
  • Opportunity 2024-030: Fans for Fam Coils, submitted by Kampmann GmbH Co KG, closes Feb. 6, 2025
  • Opportunity 2024-029: Coils for Fan Coils, submitted by Kampmann GmbH Co KG, closes Feb. 6, 2025

To be considered as a supplier for any of the opportunities below, please email Manufacturer’s Edge. Note the Opportunity Number in your message and you’ll receive a synopsis by email.

If you believe the opportunity looks right for your company, we’ll submit you as a potential match to the MEPNN Supplier Scouting system.