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Manufacturer’s Edge is committed to helping small manufacturers, just like you. With a custom handbook and on-demand HR support, your company will be set up for tremendous success in the years to come.

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HR Support & Employee Handbook Creation for Small to Medium-sized Manufacturers in Colorado

In partnership with CourtSide® Consulting, Manufacturer’s Edge can help you unlock the potential of your business by developing custom employee handbooks that are specialized to your company’s needs. We make the process easy by asking you a series of questions about your business to understand your unique needs, common frustrations, and legal gaps. A straightforward employee handbook is then created and customized to your company. Our goal is to have those handbooks to you within a week.

With your new custom HR handbook, all your policies will be in a single place, and your employees will know exactly what’s expected of them and what they need to do in certain situations. You don’t have to micromanage your workforce anymore and there will be more free time to concentrate on your customers, your marketing efforts, your responsibilities, etc.!

12 Months of HR On Demand Comes with Your Employee Handbook

Manufacturer’s Edge and CourtSide® Consulting want to make your employee handbook as effective as possible for your organization. So, we also provide 12 months of ongoing support to help with any questions or employee issues that may develop.

Having an employee handbook is one thing; implementing and holding people accountable for following it, is something else. You won’t be alone as you implement your new handbook in your organization. We will be there with you every step of the way. With the HR On Demand system, you’ll have online and over-the-phone support whenever or wherever you may need it. Monday – Friday, from 6 am to 6 pm MST, except for holidays, you have unlimited access to a team of highly experienced and fully certified HR professionals. We are here to answer your questions, streamline your processes, and help you focus on the best ways to grow your business.

That’s not all – you will also gain access to our HR Resource Library. This comprehensive support center is packed with a plethora of online tools and HR resources that are fully organized and easily accessible. This digital library is available 24/7 and includes tools, such as:

  • An extensive catalog of various job descriptions
  • Checklists for common HR topics, including health care reform, recruitment, labor relations, etc.
  • A comprehensive state and federal law library to keep you informed with current legislation
  • Exclusive training videos for topics such as harassment prevention and workplace discrimination
  • A multitude of custom-built HR podcasts on a variety of topics
  • Audit tools to help you quickly identify your compliance gaps
  • And more…

What our clients say about HR On Demand

“I moved from a position as an administrator in public sector to the role of executive director for private not for profit. I knew that the role would be much more demanding but what I was not prepared for was the lack of support or infrastructure that I would face in my new role. At the end of my second year I not only dreaded coming to work because I felt so ineffective and terrified of what was falling through the cracks because I could not organize it all, I actually began to look for alternate jobs. Then I met Courtney with CourtSide Consulting. Courtney and I have partnered to create systems that make my organization work more efficiently and make my role more manageable. Courtney has helped me address legal compliance issues, helped me break down tasks and delegate, assisted with communication for my board of directors and most importantly helped me have a plan. I’ve called her with immediate questions as well as have a weekly meeting to strategize and plan. I still have much work to do at my organization but the difference is my work now feels manageable and I leave each day feeling effective.”

– Nancy J.

Cost: $949 for 12 months

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