Our Process

Our process supports continuous improvement for manufacturers, building from the foundation of a deep understanding of your company’s needs using our Business Health Assessment to create custom solutions.

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We start our process with getting to know you and your business, what industries you serve and the challenges you routinely encounter. From there, we take you through our full Business Health Assessment, that involves a self assessment followed by an in-depth discovery conversation based on the results. This becomes a comprehensive guide for improvement and growth, highlighting both opportunities for improvement and areas of strength.


With a greater understanding of your business and the framework provided by the Business Health Assessment, our team meets internally to create an actionable plan for improvement for your business, leveraging our network of resources to ensure measurable impact.


A team of ME experts then present our strategy and plan to the key stakeholders in your business, verifying that the needs we have identified align with your growth goals and the areas of greatest potential improvement. With your input, we prioritize the order of our services, ensuring that they are the most effective and have the greatest impact.


At this point your dedicated Regional Director will coordinate ME’s Internal Programs Operations team to deliver our services. You’ll work closely with your Regional Director to deploy your custom solution, staying connected through each phase of the project as it progresses.


As we finalize your project, we’ll make sure we’ve successfully executed the strategy to your standards. From there we will continue to monitor the improvements to your facility, processes, and workforce through our NIST Impact Survey. Our goal is to be a long-term partner in improving your business operations, so as one project may end, our engagement with you will be ongoing as your business grows and changes, and as we continue to develop new resources and services that can support your business for years to come.

Our Process - Business Health Assessment

Business Health Assessment

Our Business Health Assessment is an essential tool that we use to help guide our discovery process and determine each of our clients’ unique and individual needs. Through our assessment we can diagnose pain points and provide a variety of resources, consulting, and training that can help improve the operations and outputs of your business. The Business Health Assessment is completely free, and you are welcome to use it to either partner with our Manufacturer’s Edge team, or use your own resources to implement improvements based on the assessment.

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