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Help us create an interconnected network tying together our abundant resources so that manufacturers can finally have a one-stop shop to address all of their needs from start-up to succession planning

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Join the Colorado Manufacturing Network (CMN) and help us build a one-stop shop that supports the manufacturing community by instantly connecting companies with all of the resources they need to succeed.

Conceived as a vibrant, active community designed exclusively to serve Colorado manufacturers, the CMN was started by Manufacturer’s Edge (ME), the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association (CAMA), the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), the Economic Development Council of Colorado (EDCC), and World Trade Center Denver (WTC). Additional partners are added daily as we build out a network of resources and opportunities to address supply chain issues, connect buyers and suppliers, and create a stronger, more resilient, industry base.

There are bountiful opportunities and resources for Colorado manufacturers. We meet manufacturers every day who say “I wish I had known about CAMA” or “I wish I had known about ME’s service portfolio” or “I have never heard of these state training grants”. And that is where the CMN comes in! Manufacturers are and should be focused on doing what you do best: innovating technology, meeting quotas, making payroll, and creating a brighter future for all of us!

Any network, however, is only as good as the platform on which it is built and that is where Sustainment comes in. Our partners at Sustainment have built a robust technological solution to the eternal problem of finding a place to convene and have meaningful, productive interactions. Built as a supply chain mapping tool, Sustainment also provides a place for manufacturers to meet the service providers in their community, communicate and network, source local suppliers, and much more.

Join the CMN and help us build out an umbrella of support. A community with no wrong door to connect you directly with the tools you need for every step of your business journey.

Step 1: Join the Colorado Manufacturing Network

Join the Colorado Manufacturing Network (CMN) and help us build the Colorado manufacturing base into a hyperconnected, secure, and resilient ecosystem of local and regional suppliers who can more easily connect and interact with the government and industry organizations that rely on them.


Step 2: Join Sustainment

When you join the Sustainment platform, you work directly with the largest community of manufacturers in the US. Joining the platform is completely free; simply add details about your company, capacities, and certifications. Whether you’re an OEM or a small supplier, the Sustainment platform will help you quickly find new qualified suppliers, identify manufacturing resources, and access opportunities.

Access to the platform allows you to:

  1. Connect and collaborate with buyers and over 25,000 other community members
  2. Showcase your business and capabilities
  3. Explore unlimited opportunities
  4. Search for and connect with suppliers based on equipment, materials, certifications, and more.

Want more assistance? Feel free to fill out the Join the Colorado Manufacturing Network form and a representative from the Network will contact you to help you claim your profile or resource card on Sustainment!

Step 3: Get a Verified Badge on Sustainment

A Verified Badge on Sustainment sets you apart and provides a competitive advantage. Verified suppliers receive additional brand exposure through social media and other marketing channels. For buyers, the verified status provides an additional level of confidence in prospective vendors’ capabilities, certifications, and other key information.

Apply for Badge Verification using the link in your Sustainment profile. A Manufacturer’s Edge representative will contact you to schedule a time to tour your facility and complete the verification process.