Hot Shot Fabrication: Empowering Employees, Delivering Quality

Hot Shot Fabrication, founded by Anthony Varela in 2015, stands out as a beacon of customer-centric and employee-focused business practices in the manufacturing industry. What sets Hot Shot apart is its commitment to prioritizing customers and employees over sheer profit margins, a philosophy instilled by Varela’s experiences in profit-driven industries. The company’s comprehensive capabilities span from fiber tube laser cutting and sheet metal cutting to machining and finishing, positioning it as a one-stop shop for industries ranging from Defense and Aerospace to Telecommunications and Medical Equipment.

As a family-run, minority-owned business led by two brothers shaped by an adventurous and somewhat nomadic upbringing, Hot Shot embodies resilience and adaptability. Their father’s lessons in hard work and interpersonal skills have translated into a cohesive team that excels in diverse environments. What makes Hot Shot Fabrication unique is not just its wide array of services but also its dedication to continuous improvement. The company’s approach to training, which involves rotating employees through various roles, fosters a deep understanding of the business and cultivates a culture of commitment and innovation.

Hot Shot’s commitment to excellence is evident in its impressive 99.7% on-time completion rate, a testament to its streamlined production processes and emphasis on quality control. Moreover, the company’s journey towards full NIST and CMMC Compliancy underscores its dedication to upholding industry standards and ensuring customer satisfaction. By combining efficient operations with a people-centric approach, Hot Shot Fabrication continues to make strides in the manufacturing landscape, delivering exceptional results while prioritizing its employees and customers.