In-X Machine Doubles Size of Facility and Increases Output Through Smooth Transition Strategy Thanks to Manufacturer’s Edge

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In 2005, Seth Cross and Shawn Gibbs were working for a Denver-based machine shop that suddenly went out of business. As Cross and Gibbs weighed their options and debated their next career steps, a nearby facility became available. Sensing a rare—and perhaps serendipitous—opportunity, the two took a leap of faith and went into business for themselves, opening the shop they’d always imagined. Eleven years later, In-X Machine is growing, thriving, and maintains a steady stream of small- to mid-range production clients for whom they manufacture a wide variety of component parts.

After a decade of continuous growth, In-X Machine decided to seize an opportunity to expand their production capabilities in order to meet demand and explore additional emerging business possibilities. After finding an appropriate facility which would effectively double their square footage, Cross and Gibbs realized that they would need assistance with a scale-up of this magnitude in order to avoid downtime and significant revenue losses. Seth Cross asked one of In-X’s clients for a recommendation and was urged to contact Manufacturer’s Edge.

Thanks to consultation from Manufacturer’s Edge about building layout strategies, including a capacity plan for future growth and expansion and help from the Arvada Manufacturer’s Initiative, In-X moved from one facility to another smoothly and in record time. Although an extended period of downtime is generally anticipated, In-X was able to complete the entire month-long move seamlessly and only endured one day of being fully offline. By avoiding a prolonged conversion, In-X saw zero net revenue loss and was able to keep up with demand without a hitch. Their expansion went smoothly, mitigated potentially catastrophic revenue slowdowns, and allowed Cross and Gibbs to retain their client base (“and our sanity,” jokes Cross).

Since the move, In-X has enjoyed the increased opportunity for growth having obtained a few new machines and, as Cross says, “if the rest of 2017 goes the way the year has started out, it is going to be a very good year in the new space!”

Manufacturer’s Edge was a great help to us when we doubled the size of our workspace by moving into a new facility. They made the transition so much smoother. I would recommend their services to anyone!

Seth Cross, Co-Owner/Vice President