Companies Don't Produce Results... People Do

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Hi, my name is Jeff Johnson and my company is part of Leadership Management International and we are working in partnership with Manufacturer’s Edge. If you are looking to further develop perhaps yourself uh maybe your team or perhaps uh a specific leader within your organization I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this video.

Our focus at LMI is developing leaders but it’s not just developing leaders towards or training it is to actually focus on achieving measurable results. In fact, everything that we do is really geared towards achieving the goals that you set not that we set. And so up front if we were to work with you that’s really where we start. And I want to share with you just a you know we’ve got a pretty good track record of doing this in fact we’ve been doing it for over 60 years. We’re in over 80 countries and have materials produced in about 30 languages and the only reason I bring that up is that what we do works. It’s a process and it’s universal.

So, to give you an idea of some of the areas that we work in or where we get results take a look at your screen. There’s five items I’ve got right there personal organization improved communication increased focused on priorities leadership development and personal productivity. Now this is just an example but it’s one that we hear a lot in the companies that we work with and if I were sitting either across the table or across the zoom and having a conversation with you right now I would ask you if you had to choose one of these five areas which would you choose. And then think about maybe your team what would you choose for your team and what about that specific one individual who you might actually also incorporate what would you want them to improve. And that’s where we start. We’ll work towards those goals on getting results in those specific areas. Now how do we do that? We have what’s called a total leader model where there’s four levels of leadership the first is personal productivity second personal leadership going up to motivational leadership and then to strategic leadership. So we started at the personal leadership that’s really just managing yourself. I’m sorry personal productivity is just managing yourself. Personal leadership is leading yourself in a balanced life. The third level’s motivation which is leading others and then of course the fourth is strategic which is leading an organization.

That’s interesting um when I got into this business I thought for sure that companies would start at the top and work down and what I found is actually the opposite. In over 80 percent of the time cases people whether it’s at the executive manager supervisory level has started at the Bottom Rung which is of leadership which is helping manage themselves. With everything that’s going on right now it’s so important to be able to manage yourself so that you can manage and Lead others. So wherever you start if you were to do work with us we would be dependent upon where you are right now and that’s what we would do in our initial discovery meetings is to help understand where you are where the need is and work from there another key thing on this slide I want to bring up is that developing leaders we know is a process it’s not an event as much as we’d like to have the magic wand and say here you you’ve got it we just know that it works over a period of time and so that’s how our process works every every module that you would use with us is a process towards your goals.

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Jeff Johnson, Owner and President

Jeff is the Owner and President of Corporate Leadership Development Group, Inc. and LMI Chicago, Inc. As past President, General Manager, and Managing Director in public and private companies, he brings more than 30 years of experience in leadership, management, and employee development. He has a successful track record of starting, developing, managing, and directing both independent and Fortune 500 companies including FGS, Inc., DemandOne Inc., SalesLink (a CMGI, Inc. affiliate), COMAC Inc, Lanier Business Products, Inc. Jeff specializes in building businesses, developing leaders & teams, productivity improvement, and hiring correctly.