Tim Heaton (ex officio)

Tim Heaton (ex officio)

President of Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association

Tim Heaton is the President of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association (CAMA). As the President of the Association, Tim has been responsible for working with the Board of Directors to develop the organization’s strategic vision as well as implement the plan of programs, events, and services to meet the needs of the CAMA’s manufacturing members.

Additionally, he works with the National Association of Manufacturers on national policy issues to make certain Colorado manufacturers’ voices are heard.

Tim brings over twenty-five years of manufacturing experience, from proof-of-concept to institutional capital development, turnaround, and product development, along with his economic development and governmental affairs experience.

Mr. Heaton began his professional career in Washington, D.C., working for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Tim has served as a Sub-Center Director for the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Development Center and as the Manager of the Small Business group for the Denver Chamber of Commerce. He has also received the Federal Laboratory to Industry Technology Transfer Award from the Colorado Technology Transfer Society.

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