Deltech Furnaces Benefits from a Customized Export Plan

Key Takeaways


Total Cost Savings


New Investments

A family-owned Colorado small business incorporated in 1968, Deltech Furnaces designs and manufactures resistance-heated laboratory and production scale furnace systems. The company serves a niche market of materials science researchers, ceramic engineers, and industrial ceramics and glass manufacturers. Most of the company’s projects are for custom systems.

The company’s export business has grown over the years from 2% of annual sales to 20%. Early sales were for standard products, but in recent years the sales have been primarily for custom design and builds. Having benefited from assistance from Manufacturer’s Edge for development of an ISO 9001:2015 program, an ASME NQA1:2008 Quality Assurance program, a NIST 800/171 compliant cybersecurity plan, and the provision of SEO services, Deltech once again turned to Manufacturer’s Edge for assistance in continuing to increase its export sales. Manufacturer’s Edge referred Deltech to their SRA resources at the World Trade Center Denver and, specifically, to their Export Accelerator Class.

With the assistance of mentor Jamison Shelton and classes taught by numerous experts in fields including market selection, logistics, and marketing in foreign countries, Deltech Furnaces formulated a custom Export Plan. The plan is custom because it addresses company-specific factors including manufacturing capacity, current success in foreign markets, and financial considerations.

Commented Marketing Director Mary Stevenson, “I went into the class thinking we should market everywhere. At the end of the training and discussions, I could see that we needed a very targeted plan that took our financial, facility, and human resources limitations into account, as well as cultural, political, and logistical factors of which I was completely unaware. Thanks to Manufacturer’s Edge and the World Trade Center, we have a well-defined Export Plan incorporated into our Business Plan. It is practical and allows us to measure the results so that we can continually reevaluate and adjust going forward. And finally, of great importance to our small company, a grant from Colorado OEDIT covered 100% of the cost of the class.”