Assessing Your Supply Chain Risk: Identifying Gaps and Opportunities Before Disruption

Thursday, October 26, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Supply Chain


In today’s constantly changing environment, it’s common for leaders to be confused as to what supply chain risks they should measure, monitor, and mitigate – much less how to do so. Too often, risks are only discovered after they disrupt business. Through SCOOP, Manufacturer’s Edge is offering a series of webinars and educational opportunities to provide manufacturers with the tools necessary to identify supply chain gaps and opportunities before disrupting operations.

The first webinar in our SCOOP series will focus on identifying and assessing risk.  What are the four major risk areas manufacturers should pay attention to?  How you can better assess which are most important to you and your business?

We’ll review the elements of a good gap assessment and discuss how it can identify risks, inside your walls and within your supply base, and help you understand their importance to your business; and therefore, allow you to focus on mitigating the risks that are most critical to your organization. All webinar participants will receive our newly developed Supply Chain Gap Assessment Tool, a self-assessment that manufacturers can use to evaluate their risk and evaluate their progress as they implement mitigation plans. There will be a live demonstration and training on how to use the tool so your business can reap the benefits immediately.