Recession-Proof Your Company

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

98% of CEOs now believe we will see a recession but we just don’t know how severe it will be. Many share that this economy is very unusual and uncertain. Many CEOs and business owners have shared that 2022 has been a record-breaking year in revenues and their biggest challenge was supply chain and filling all those orders in backorder. However many leaders also share they are concerned about when a recession occurs what impact will it have on their business.

In the last recession, 75% of businesses experienced a revenue decrease but 14% saw a revenue increase, and on average these 14 %’rs grew 9% during the recession and came out of the recession stronger than before they went into it.

We have asked Sales Consult, Trainer, Coach, and public speaker Mark Roberts to share with our manufacturing community how to recession-proof your business on November 30th at 12 PM MT. Mark will share what early warning signs we need to watch for and what the 14%’rs all had in common. Or as Mark will share…how can we “Opt out of a revenue decline”?

Everyone who attends will receive the opportunity to take an assessment to help you understand how healthy your business is today and identify any areas you need to improve before the recession occurs.


Mark Allen Roberts

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