Global Supply Chain Management

March 21 - 22, 2024 | 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

This course outlines these challenges and offers specific management strategies in dealing with operations, technology, compliance, risk and spending in global trade.

Key Topics Covered:

  •      Understanding the Challenges of Global Trade and Supply Chain Operations
  •      Working with Foreign Business Development: Imports and Exports
  •      Foreign Sourcing, Purchasing and Vendor Management
  •      Freight and Logistics
  •      Managing Freight Forwarders, Customhouse Brokers and 3PL’s
  •      Managing Carriers Direct
  •      Managing Freight RFP’s
  •      Leveraging INCO Terms
  •      Navigating Risk and Spend
  •      Tariff Mitigation Strategies
  •      International Insurance Issues
  •      Understanding Geopolitical, Economic and Cultural Issues in Global Supply Chain Trade Compliance Management
  •      Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution
  •      Best Practices in International Business and Global Supply Chain Operations