The 2024 Colorado Manufacturing Network Awards

The Manufacturing Champion of the Year Award

Please answer as many of the following questions as possible. For self-nominations, we ask that all fields be completed. If you are submitting a nomination for another individual or company and cannot complete all of the fields, the nominee will be contacted in order to complete the form. The nominator’s information will not be shared.

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The Manufacturing Champion award recognizes an individual who is leading the industry forward. The recipient of this award will have made significant contributions to the manufacturing sector through their strategic thinking and implementation of industry-wide plans, programs, or policies that help grow, support, and advocate for manufacturing. A Manufacturing Champion does not have to be a manufacturer. Eligible candidates can include educators, legislators, economic developers, etc. The Manufacturing Champion of the Year will be awarded to an individual who has shown tireless commitment to advancing the industry through their actions, policies, advocacy, mentorship, and participation in industry-recognized organizations, events, programs, etc.