The 2024 Colorado Manufacturing Network Awards

The Global Business Excellence Award

Please answer as many of the following questions as possible. For self-nominations, we ask that all fields be completed. If you are submitting a nomination for another company and cannot complete all of the fields, the nominated company will be contacted in order to complete the form. The nominator’s information will not be shared.

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The Global Business Excellence Award is presented by the World Trade Center Denver and celebrates exceptional businesses that excel in international markets through innovative strategies, operational excellence, and sustainable practices. This prestigious award recognizes companies that significantly contribute to global commerce, demonstrating remarkable growth, adaptability, and leadership in their international operations. It honors businesses that expand their reach across borders and uphold ethical standards, cultural sensitivity, and corporate social responsibility. Through this award, we highlight the achievements of visionary enterprises that set new benchmarks in the global marketplace.

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Award Criteria: Market Reach and Growth

Award Criteria: Innovation in Global Strategy

Award Criteria: Operational Efficiency

Award Criteria: Global Brand Recognition

Awards Criteria: Technological Integration

Awards Criteria: Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Awards Criteria: Leadership and Vision