Jonathan Ballesteros

Jonathan Ballesteros

CEO | Geyser Systems

Jonathan Ballesteros is the inventor, founder, and CEO of Geyser Systems. He and his team design and manufacture products that make the most of every drop of water. The flagship product called the Geyser System, is the highest rated hot, portable shower at REI Co-op. It uses less than 1 gallon of water and is ready in as little as 5 minutes.

His vision is to use the technology and solve a real-world problem faced by 2.3 billion people: water-scarcity and sanitation. His patented technology reduces water consumption by 90% and is in demand for natural-disaster relief, overcoming drought conditions, and other off-the-grid situations.

Education Background & Career Achievements

Prior to starting Geyser Systems, Jonathan dedicated 10 years designing advanced surgical instruments and techniques used in arthroscopic, orthopedic, and brain surgeries. His proven methodology for impactful innovation includes his experience in Standford University’s BioDesign process as well as advancing cutting-edge products in global companies. Since graduating as an engineering scholar at Texas A&M’s industrial engineering, Academy of Future International Leaders at the George Bush School of Government and Public Service, and University of Texas MBA programs, Jonathan was a global product manager for Stryker Neurovascular and engineering project manager at Smith & Nephew. He was responsible for identifying, designing, managing, and launching products that overcome complex problems faced by surgeons. Jonathan’s career started with a passion for factories. He managed 55 people at Dell Computer’s Topfer Manufacturing Center responsible for shipping 23,000 computers a day. He also worked in a variety of stainless steel and medical device factories around the world.

Thought & Policy Leadership

Jonathan’s track record for innovation and start-ups puts him at the forefront of re-kindling the entrepreneurial spirit and sets new precedents in the investment community. He is a growing thought leader behind the proven methodology for developing jobs and resilient economies in rural areas. He speaks on a proven methodology and provides real tools for delivering lasting innovation at a variety of MBA schools and incubation groups. He is asked to be a voice for start-ups and shape Colorado’s policy through the Kauffman Foundation’s Start Us Up: America’s New Business Plan in partnership with Colorado Startup, Colorado University’s School of Law, and Silicone Flatirons.

Jonathan’s Passions & Other Notable Achievements

Outside of work and shaping policy, Jonathan has a steady track record of leadership in a variety of communities and outdoor expeditions. He ascended Mt Rainier, Mt Superior, Longs Peak, and Mt Sinai. He obtained his Master of Yacht license and captained over 3500 nautical miles through the British Virgin, Thailand, and Greek Islands. He was a board of director for the Hillel Foundation at Texas A&M and brought transformative results in many organizations. His global perspective shaped by his Spanish father and Russian mother propelled him to live in Australia, Taiwan, Spain, Israel, and Costa Rica. He explored 23 countries around the world. He was voted Austin’s Texas #1 extraordinary gentleman and was interviewed by Steve Harvey.

Presentation Style & Interviews

The following video interviews and presentations provide more information about Jonathan’s presentation style along with insights into the future of business leadership, water, and culture:

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